Solutions and Services

Initiatives Worldwide (IW) provides consulting and strategic planning services, to businesses and organizations wishing to improve, enhance or completely change their avenues for success. We perform thorough reviews of the existing infrastructure and the strategic goals. At Initiatives Worldwide we believe that an all-encompassing review will ensure true results and rewards.

Our Methodology

Our methodology incorporates a multi-staged approach, in which we gain an understanding of your business, the needs you have for change and growth, and the long-term goals for continued success. As part of the review we examine the true potential for increasing the market share or the product life cycle. We assess whether the change or new technology will require capital investment in plant and equipment or simply require retooling or training of existing personnel. We help you answer the tough questions such as, "can our present work force incorporate new technology into the organization, without a set back in production or output"? - "How do we capitalize on our number one asset - the intellectual capital of our organization"? And most importantly, “how do we structure a plan that ensures we achieve our desired outcome and long-term impact”?

Our planning methodology will provide the organizational tool for the success of the overall strategic direction, through the multi-layered approach that utilizes a logic model foundation.

A Logic Model – A model (often linear) that illustrates the rationale behind the need for change, evaluates the potential resources, activities & requirements, outputs, desired outcomes and long-term impacts. Particular attention is made to ensuring that the outcomes and impacts are specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and timed.

Multiple stages of the development process include:

Research – Investigate external stresses including socio-political perceptions, economic conditions and competitive factors. Document state of the industry practices. Identify and benchmark leading performers.

Analysis – Determine the feasibility of concepts, the competency and sustainability of the organization or enterprise. Examine the internal practices as compared to external stresses to determine opportunities for change.

Strategy – Development of a comprehensive system that integrates the structure, the approach, the methodologies and the tactics for the accomplishment of goals and objectives.

Planning – Conversion of strategies into predictable plans for marketing and public relations, sales, operations, quality assurance, customer service and fiscal accountability.

Performance – Evaluation and measurement of the plan execution according to vision.

Executive Coaching – Providing a unique perspective on the challenges and benefits of leadership through a community of interest.

Capital Sourcing – Locating capital from venture markets, investors, equity, or institutional sources.

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is the successful introduction of new technology into your organization.

All organizations, regardless of size, are constantly developing or acquiring new technology. Start-up ventures as well as mature ventures require innovation to stay vibrant in an ever-changing market place. Technology is not limited to test tubes and wires or to sophisticated apparatuses. Technology also includes processes that improve the operation of the organization.

Technology Transfer can involve --

Whatever your need, or the methodology employed, Initiatives Worldwide is your partner to assess and facilitate a successful initiative for improving or enhancing your technology needs.

Initiatives Worldwide links companies and entrepreneurs to the 600 Federal Laboratories, six NASA Centers, universities, government agencies, private industry and capital sources, in the transfer and commercialization of technology.

Technology Commercialization

Initiatives Worldwide specializes in converting inventions, innovative products, and technological processes into marketable products or services and profitable business enterprises.

At any stage, whether during concept, design, laboratory-test, prototype, manufacture or marketing stage - Initiatives Worldwide can assist in developing or expanding the commercial application and distribution of your technology.

This commercialization process may include Initiatives Worldwide:

Intellectual property (such as patents, trademarks, documentation and technology) is protected.

Initiatives Worldwide identifies potential partners that have research, engineering, testing, manufacturing and distribution capabilities and represents you in developing relationships for negotiating licenses, contracts, agreements and investments.

Venture or investment capital and financing are arranged based upon the due diligence activities, feasibility studies and strategic operational plans, prepared by Initiatives Worldwide.